Mothers Matter

Mothers Matter is a collaboration of committed individuals, health professionals and parents who are united in a common goal to have a nationwide discussion about the need for excellent perinatal care.

Equity of care is what’s needed: mothers should have the right to choose where they receive their birthing and postnatal care. Only Government can legislate to provide this basic right through a ring-fenced fund from the Ministry of Health.

Mothers already have a right to at least 48 hours of postnatal care, but are often not receiving it because of overloaded hospital maternity units. We need this legal right to be recognised and publicised by Government. This must include wraparound services that address the mental and physical health needs of mothers, their babies and whānau.

Women’s rights must be widely publicised and advocates made available to help women navigate the pathways to recognising the support and services they need to protect and determine their own health and wellbeing.