Our Founders and Trustees

As one of nine children, Chloe grew up with a strong belief that children are precious. With five children of their own, Wayne and Chloe have a passion for helping children, families and their community, particularly those in vulnerable circumstances.

“Have joy, take delight and ultimately it’s about people. It’s not just never do harm, it’s do good. My life is nowhere near as important as the effect it can have on others,” says Chloe.

Chloe and Wayne believe for a child to grow and become a successful adult two things are needed – roots and wings. Being given strong roots in security, tradition and strength, a child is provided with the tools to grow into someone with wings ready to fly and unlock who they are.


The late Chloe Wright, Co-founder

It matters not the measure of my lifetime, but only that through nurturing and life's experiences I have come to this place where so much is possible, where I can achieve outcomes in the lives I may be honoured to touch.

I believe the pathway to change requires courage, commitment and perseverance. All that underpins my actions is the firm belief that we are all unique and therefore irreplaceable. Given that, as each of us discovers our own talents and abilities, we are able to make choices that become solutions for betterment or problems for ourselves and others. I choose people over all else.

It is important to me to honour my ancestors for the life I have been given, to find fulfilment in my family's contribution to our people - the people of New Zealand. As a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend, you and I will follow the pattern of life to our ultimate conclusions and if we are wise and fortunate we will discover the true source of happiness during this journey. In my case, what's important is freeing the true self, being present in the moment, and paying it forward.

"Help thy brother's boat across and lo, thine own has reached the shore." Confucius




Wayne Wright, Co-founder and Trustee

Wayne Wright, a prominent entrepreneur, philanthropist, and businessman from Tauranga is a trustee for the Wright Family Foundation. With a successful career marked by innovation and leadership, Wayne brings invaluable business acumen and strategic vision to his role. His commitment to philanthropy underscores his dedication to giving back to the community and making a positive impact on society. As a trustee, Wayne plays a pivotal role in guiding the Foundation's initiatives and ensuring its resources are effectively utilised to support meaningful causes and its organisations.



Samuel Wright, Trustee


Samuel Wright brings to the Board a blend of passion for technology, a critical eye for problem-solving, and a deep interest in improving the world around him. As someone who enjoys finding creative solutions to challenges, Samuel contributes innovative ideas to the Board. Despite his driven nature, he balances his work with hobbies like tennis, golf, guitar, reading, and gaming, allowing him to stay refreshed and maintain a well-rounded perspective. This balance fuels his motivation to keep making a positive impact through the Foundation and beyond.




Bill Holland, Trustee

Bill Holland, a consultant lawyer based in Tauranga, brings a wealth of legal expertise and experience to his role as Trustee of the Foundation. With a distinguished career spanning decades in the legal profession, Bill possesses a deep understanding of legal matters, particularly in the areas of trusts and compliance. His commitment to excellence and integrity makes him an invaluable asset to the Foundation, ensuring its affairs are managed with diligence and utmost precision.