Funding Application Guidelines

The Wright Family Foundation supports individuals to achieve their full potential through education, health and environmental initiatives.

Our current areas of focus include early childhood education, child health services, music, literacy and perinatal wrap-around services.

Our funding is divided into three main sections:

  • Education and
  • Music and the Arts
  • Community

Are you eligible to apply?

Your organisation must be a public benefit entity (charitable trust/incorporated society/amateur sports organisation etc), be situated in New Zealand and be able to demonstrate alignment with the Wright Family Foundation’s philosophy and objectives.

Funding rounds

Applications will be considered by the Trustees at their monthly Board meetings.

Applications should be submitted at least 3 months before the organisation requires a decision.

Your responsibilities

You must use approved WFF funding for the purpose it was given and meet any conditions trustees decide on. Funds are generally non-transferable to other events/projects.

WFF reserves the right to terminate any funding where it considers the terms of the Funding Agreement have been seriously breached. In this event, part or all of the funds may have to be repaid to WFF.

You must provide us with all information requested in the Application Form.

GST and Taxation

Organisations that are GST registered will receive payment based on GST exclusive amounts, otherwise GST inclusive amounts will be paid.

The application process

Applications are processed as received and you can generally expect a response within 7 weeks. If your application is incomplete we will contact you for further information.

As part of the assessment process, one of our team may visit you to discuss your application in more detail. Applications are assessed on individual merits and the final number of successful applications is determined by the funds available.

Successful applicants will receive a formal Funding Offer and Agreement outlining the conditions of funding. Payment will be made according to the Agreement’s payment schedule once the conditions within the agreement are met.