Birthing Centre

Birthing centres are part of the foundation’s vision to support New Zealand families from the very beginning to have the greatest impact on communities.

Founder Chloe Wright is an advocate, activist, and educator with a heart for women's wellbeing. A return to primary birthing - birthing without intervention - is one of her imperatives.

"I want for women to have viable choices, and to feel empowered through the strength of their bodies and minds. We have founded and funded Birthing Centre with a view to promoting primary birthing within New Zealand. This has evolved from a desire to give women choice, empowerment, a time for nurturing, respect, and mothercraft during and in the days after birth.”

Bethlehem Birthing Centre in Tauranga opened in 2014, Te Papaioea Birthing Centre in Palmerston North in 2017, and Te Awakairangi Birthing Centre in Lower Hutt in 2018.  A birthing centre is also being developed in South Auckland, and the foundation is investigating further sites for primary birthing in New Zealand.